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My Sample Marketing Plan
Puts Sales And Finance On Your Side

If you are a Chief Marketing Officer at a $500M B2B global enterprise or bigger, you already know that you have only 18 months to prove your mettle to Sales and Finance. That's average tenure for a CMO today...and dropping.

If Sales Hates You...

On the one hand, Sales is only too glad to throw you under the bus for your team's failure to convey the right message to the right people at the right time everywhere in the world.

That's why they're claiming that you flood the Sales force with useless sales leads.

The reps complain that they have to go out and get the deals with little to no help from you. These folks get paid on deals that they forecast to close this quarter not in 6 months.

Is Sales calling you friend?

If Finance Hates You...

On the other hand, you have Finance. These folks only care about the numbers. They crunch them and, next thing you know, they're asking you for a return on marketing investment, else here comes a budget cut. And then another. And then another.

Well, you've cut your campaigns funding to the bone. Headcount is next. Yeah, cost containment and operational effectiveness are crucial to the survival of your operation.

But, is Finance calling you friend?

Who Loves You, Baby?

If neither Finance nor Sales is calling you their friend, then you're toast.

Do better than a Sample Marketing Plan here!Can you see why as a senior marketer you need a marketing strategy consultant instead of some run of the mill sample marketing plan?

Yes. I've heard it before. A good consultants is unaffordable.

Not if he's virtual. Being virtual reduces your expense but not the consultant's impact on your operation, if he knows what he's doing.

On the other hand, a sample marketing plan may be free. But you get your money's worth.

I Can Help You Get Sales And Finance To Fall In Love With You. Try Me.

Consider that anybody like you can adopt best practices. Anyone like you can follow a cookie-cutter approach to setting a marketing house in order. But does that give you the edge? Does it transform you into a true partner with Sales and Finance?

You gain a comparative advantage by specializing in improving strategic areas in your operation (do you know what they are?) and not by merely following the bustle of the herd.

Social media? Marketing automation? Content management? What good is all this if you don't yet know how to structure your operation and organize for resilience and delivery of better opportunities to Sales and verifiable ROI to Finance.

This also means that you will need customized marketing solutions not a sample marketing plan to get the edge in today's globally competitive landscape.

In short, you need a custom-made plan to keep Marketing from getting blamed for wasting Sales' time and Finance's money.

As your guide I can help you build the business case and execution strategy for optimizing and even outsourcing certain marketing operations to streamline workflow process, marketing productivity, intelligence and cost reduction. This is what gives you the edge.

My Help Starts Here And Now...At NO COST To You!

You get no edge from a sample marketing plan. You woo nobody by following a template. But you can sharpen up quickly through my expert guidance phoning me for a FREE consultation.

Pick up the phone and call me if you want to learn how to:

  1. Get the right marketing information in your hands to make the right marketing decisions with, using a single database-driven marketing operations platform instead of some one-size-fits-all sample marketing plan in a spreadsheet. (No hi-tech malinvestments allowed here!)

  2. Use this database-driven platform to get reliable and sustainable customer and market insights. (Call this intelligent marketing!)

  3. Concentrate all your globally distributed labor efforts through an optimized workflow that aligns your marketing operation over the long haul. (There's career stability for you!)

  4. Produce measurable demand generation results to score your performance and make you fearless in front of Finance and Sales. (Call this intelligent cross-pollination!)

Not convinced yet? Peruse this site for evidence of case development and project management from a senior marketing strategist who knows process, tools and wants to trade insights with you.

With me you will learn:
  1. How to combine marketing tools to create a system that works

  2. How to increase your chances at system adoption

  3. How to use the Internet carefully to build a platform (in the clouds) to rival anything you could have created on-premises at your own company

  4. How mobility and social media can add a new dimension to your understanding of your customer base

  5. How to focus on the most critical information that produces the best campaign results

Get A FREE 30-minute Consultation Today! Call (510) 907-8480

Don't just settle for some sample marketing plan. Get the edge. Avoid the typical imbalance between planning and executing. Don't wonder whether you're promoting to the right target, whether you're keeping pace with recent marketing advances or whether you can give an intelligible explanation of your entire operation to upper management.

If you want customer knowledge to base your planning on, if you want greater sales and customer satisfaction, if you want transparency in how marketing spends its budget and whether this means more work done by fewer resources, then we need to talk.
Arturo F Munoz, Consultant
Call me for a free consultation.

Do it now. Call me or else, if you prefer, write to me here today!

Stop looking for a sample marketing plan and let's build a custom one together that will keep you from looking like a cost center to Sales and Finance. Do it today. Call for your free consultation and let's get down to business.

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