Introducing Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems' APPROACH

  • Are you struggling with your marketing?

  • Do you think new marketing technology can help you?

  • But are you too busy to find marketers who listen and can also deliver?

  • Are you scared to make a mistake setting up your own marketing system for your company?

  • And do you even know how to define what a marketing system should do for you?

For most small and mid-size companies, the biggest frustration with marketing technology is not knowing what to do, who to trust and who to call to put the pieces of the technology puzzle together for them. They know they need every piece to snap into place and become productive practically overnight. They have no time to lose. There's no money to waste. But this leaves no room for mistakes. That's why they become flustered. That's why they freeze.

But technology today is rushing at you like a relentless tidal wave. If you're simply too confused and overwhelmed to make the right decisions right now about how to set up your marketing system, it will matter little whether you have the necessary staff or even the right expertise to manage that system.

You're Going To Need A Reliable Resource To Partner With

Matters are only getting more complex and confusing with each passing month. Your knowledge gap is only widening. Complexity is the future. And when it comes to the future, there are people who let it happen to them, there are people who make it happen to them, and then there are people who wonder what happened to them.
snap in place internet marketing service systems
Which one are you?

There is a new term buzzing out there in marketing circles. It's "cloud computing". It's an old concept in a new wrapping. It means outsourcing the technology. It means that you no longer need to hire technicians permanently to assemble tools and coordinate marketing procedures from scratch.

All you need to do instead is lease the tools from a third-party online. Inherently within these tools you'll find pre-fabricated marketing processes for you to adopt.

Now if only you knew how to orchestrate the use of all these tools and processes to exploit your company's exiting marketing assets, then you could impact each asset area to produce a reverberation effect that ultimately would explode in the form of a geometric improvement in your bottom line. You'd achieve this in an impressively short amount of time and for very little if any added cost to what you're already doing.

How is that for awesome turnaround?

But you need to know how to orchestrate your systems as a marketer. And you can't do this alone.

What Marketing Assets?

  • How would you like to produce from one-third to twice as much revenue in 3 to 6 months?

  • Would you like to attract more prospects?

  • Do you want to convert more of them into paying customers?

  • There comes a time to mine your customer base for greater value and to grow your business. Can you do this today?

Consider the following 6-phase marketing system. It represents 6 asset areas in your company's marketing. If you haven't yet structured your marketing to cover optimally these 6 phases, then your marketing assets are under-performing. They're going to waste. You're throwing money away with both hands.

We've got to change that.

Make small changes in each of these 6 interlocked phases of your marketing system and you can dramatically affect your business success and your return on investment - producing twice the revenue in less than 6 months without having to figure out what technology lies underneath the hood.

Just consider the following brief illustration.

How To Double Your Revenue

Imagine a company that produces about 10,000 prospects per month of which about 300 turn into paying customers, with the average deal size running maybe at $475 per month and each monthly upsell opportunity being about $220. In a space of 6 months this company produces approximately $1.25 million.

Now consider if during those 6 months you increased the number of prospects by 25% and the customer conversion rate by 25% and the average deal size by 25% and the average upselling opportunity also by 25%. Would the revenue increase by 25% to $1.5 million? Absolutely not!

The revenue, on the contrary, nearly doubles to almost $2.5 million!

This is the compounding effect of systematically optimizing multiple marketing asset areas. Try it out yourself for your own business using the calculator below. Just fill out the yellow boxes.

Let Us Help You Focus On Your Marketing Assets

With the help of Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems you can align your marketing assets sequentially to fire off your efforts in succession and gain momentum, starting with your…

Company Positioning (Asset #1) - Discover the strategy that will make you uniquely stand out from the competition and wholly irresistible to your ideal clients before executing on your marketing campaigns.

Integrity of Positioning (Asset #2) - Incorporate this unique positioning strategy into all of your marketing, from promotional documentation all the way to your receptionist's voicemail message to ensure that your customers never become confused about who they're being loyal to.

Customer Database (Asset #3) - Centralize the collection of the most important and valuable asset that your company can ever own: customer information to track behavior, satisfaction, loyalty, conversion, lifetime value and growth, and to launch intelligent, outbound direct marketing and media campaigns, that involve email, postal, press releases and ad campaigning.

Value-added Alliances (Asset #4) - Develop joint campaigns and referral programs that reshape your existing and perhaps even under-performing activities through complementary, value-added improvements from marketing partnerships in new profitable alliances.

Community Marketing (Asset #5) - Learn to develop a presence in your local community through local involvement that reinforces your unique positioning to gain public support for your company and your business cause.

Inbound Marketing (Asset #6) - Connect your business with Google and Facebook and turn your website into your most reliable and economic source of sales opportunities through a highly sophisticated inbound marketing methodology that incorporates search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, forum and bulletin board posting, article marketing, social media interaction and content syndication aimed at generating qualified commercial traffic to your site, that more readily converts from leads into sales, with a complete view of your funnel for analysis, measuring and reporting.

Why Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems?

Here's the skinny on why Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems created this program for you. Large corporations can afford to hire teams of experts and spend millions in the creation of stylish new programs, systems and technologies that only specialists can manage or operate, taking many years to master, only to replace them with the latest version within a few quarters from any recent launch.

Meanwhile, the small business operator struggles with a dependency on one or two manual marketing techniques and wonders "Why can't I get enough business when I really need to?"

Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems' Executive Director, Arturo F. Munoz, spent one and a half decades designing, launching and refining these types of systems to support global marketing organizations at both the corporate headquarters and field marketing levels at Fortune 1000 companies, and one fact consistently clobbered him like lightning striking twice:

Great technology doesn't produce great marketers. But a great marketer needs great technology to achieve greatness. And greatness here means extraordinary revenue.

Not until the advent of cloud computing, however, did it become possible for the small and mid-size company to gain the kind of advantage that great technology afforded only the large corporations. But this new technology has to be incorporated into a systematic approach to revenue generation to be of any use for the small business operator. This was always the hardest task to accomplish for large businesses because of conflicting interests within large organizations.
internet marketing consulting small business leverage
And yet, by combining a great methodology that exploits a company's existing marketing assets with his extensive knowledge of direct marketing, campaign management, marketing automation, inbound marketing and customer relationship management, Arturo has been able to comprise all of the key components that a small organization can now leverage to achieve greatness in revenue generation.

These substantial gains in revenue generation may be accomplished merely by making small yet crucial adjustments to your existing marketing assets and then, using cloud computing technologies, scale their impact at the lowest possible cost to you. The only requirement is a hungry, cooperative, hands-on marketing and sales team struggling for help and willing to experience a radical transformation in the way it does business.

Arturo realized after many years of experience that there is no better way for a small or mid-size business to grow, escape stagnation or halt a decline in revenue than to use assets and technology systematically. And with Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems' APPROACH, you need not deal with this complexity. We simplify technology so that your campaigns may simply turn to cash.

Who Gains The Most From These Services?

Those who best benefit by our service are small and mid-size companies with…
  • Existing customers

  • A solid knowledge of their market

  • Great and unique products but under-performing sales with low closing rates

  • Ineffective advertising

  • A weak Web presence

  • No inbound marketing (i.e. no SEO, no blog or no social media)

  • A desire to trade internationally, particularly with emerging economies

If you are…
  • NOT raising your prices to remain competitive

  • NOT standing head and shoulders above the competition for your ideal customers

  • NOT testing your promotions before going to market

  • NOT relying on more than 2 or 3 techniques to generate leads

  • NOT tracking your captured leads and rapidly converting them into sales

…then this service is what the doctor ordered for you!

Companies resistant to change, dependent on a dedicated team of in-house direct marketers or an agency of record to carry out their marketing for them, and mainly interested in adopting a new marketing automation technology to blast emails out more quickly to more customers without any urgency to transform radically their internal business processes or integrate them intimately to Sales for a seamless workflow will not find Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems services of much value.

But if you want…
  • More revenue

  • More control

  • More intelligence

…from your marketing endeavors, then Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems will deliver on all 3 at no risk to you. Here's how it works.

What Do Our Services Entail?

The following 6 steps summarize what you can expect to happen from an engagement with Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems:
  1. Marketing Audit -In our initial call you and Arturo first discover whether our system will help you. Will it even make sense to use it in giving your business the boost that you want in order to achieve the strategic objectives that you have in mind? What would you like to accomplish? What would you like to see happen to your business? This we will discuss in Step 1.

  2. Work Scope Proposal -If after this marketing audit discussion the two of you arrive to a mutual agreement that suggests without a doubt that by following our proven step-by-step marketing system, our indispensable procedures will optimize your business to maximize your marketing success, then between you and us, we will evaluate how ready and eager you may actually be to innovate your existing business to secure your strategic objectives. This will be Step 2.

  3. Statement of Work -Upon reaching a precise understanding between us about your readiness, we will settle on transforming one of your 6 marketing assets for maximum impact to your bottom line. Note, however, that the most critical asset to have meticulously defined and optimized, because it serves as the base for all others to build performance momentum upon, is your Company Positioning (Asset #1) and the unique selling proposition that it yields for your ideal market. Therefore, unless you already have a powerful, unique and crystal clear marketing value proposition for us to work from for your business, we will need to agree to start with Asset #1. This will be Step 3.

  4. Project Plan -Step 4 involves settling on the asset management sequence that will produce the results that you want, inclusive of (a) greater revenue - no less than 25% and up to 100% of your current base in 3 to 6 months from system execution - (b) greater control over your marketing operation, and (c) greater insight about your business performance and your customers. Depending on your needs, we may recommend concentrating on your 4 core assets (Assets #1 through #4), and then incorporate the entire sequence of remaining assets. Else we could selectively bolster any 1 asset of your choice, after ensuring the availability of your marketing value proposition and after identifying what is most feasible for us to do and where the biggest impact to your business can come from.

  5. Project Scheduling -Step 5 is execution. Depending on the arrangement, we will execute jointly or individually. But it will always be collaboratively, with certain assets improving under your direct oversight and others under Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems with full accountability to your business. But you will NOT receive a mere policy recommendations report like other consultants offer. We will get our hands dirty. We get the job done. There will be strategic implementation of the system recommendations or no deal at all.

  6. Project Post-Mortem -The last step is to secure performance data and produce the measures that would demonstrate the improvement over your current situation and the trajectory of your success toward achieving your strategic objectives, just as we originally discussed we'd accomplish with you through the Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems APPROACH service.

But it all starts with an initial call and a FREE marketing audit.

How Can You Get The Ball Rolling?

For upwards of an hour Arturo will be willing to speak with you to help you identify your marketing assets and determine whether together you both can find ways to produce greater yield from them. This discussion is centered on the ability of our system to stimulate greater productivity from your existing marketing assets. In so doing, it is often possible to gain astonishing and highly lucrative results with little additional investment.

How much more would you like to grow? Set up a call to discuss.

It's a $275 consultation available to you as a risk-free guarantee that we will uncover ways to improve your bottom line in real terms at no charge to you by the end of the call. This means you will be free to use our ideas from the discussion and there would be no charge for this advice, though we'd of course be happy to execute on it on a project-by-project or contingency basis, depending on the work, thereby leaving you time for more valuable activities while ensuring that the work gets done

Is 1 hour of your time not worth this much investment?

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo adeptly weaves the technical side of data management with an astute understanding of the customer, market, and the pragmatic needs of a business to produce knowledge that is strategic and critical to an organization's success. His capabilities will benefit not just marketing but also other functions where knowledge is key to successful planning and execution.

Rachel Young

Cadence Design Systems

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo possesses amazing political sensitivity and was able to deliver a data warehouse AND employ a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management tool that supported the whole Marketing team. His demeanor and integrity make him an enormous asset, and he quickly earns the respect of all within the organization.

Christine Temple-Wolfe
Business Project Manager

AAA Club Partners

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo is amazing to be around. He has a great ability to compile a vision, and articulate it in a way that instills both understanding and inspiration. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his ability to deliver is unquestionable.

John Weathington, PMP
Enterprise Data Program Manager


Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo and I have collaborated on a number of projects, and I have always been impressed by his thorough grasp of the issues at stake and the best way to document and resolve matters. He has keen analytical skills, is a thorough strategic planner (particularly with confidential or sensitive matters), and is highly skilled in executing agreed upon objectives. I have known him as a coach, a leader, a professional, and a friend. In each of these, he has exceeded my expectations.

Adam Brink, CPA
Executive Officer

Pacioli Associates

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo is an astute practitioner of various database marketing disciplines and worthy of praise for his vision and project management abilities, well demonstrated in producing with our support a strategic analysis of customer purchase migration patterns and behavioral priorities.

Joe Krisky
Founder and Partner

Massini Group

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteI worked on two CRM software integration projects that were both conceived and implemented by Arturo. He has a rare combination of skills, combining a deep understanding of technology with strategic thinking, political savvy and the ability to work with and motivate people. A visionary that turns dreams into reality.

Francois Retief
Energy Strategy Planning

Marston International

If your marketing has fallen short and you think technology and systems can get you out of your current rut to stimulate growth or stop the decline of your business, then contact us today to discuss how to increase your revenue base by 30% to 100% in the next 3 to 6 months, by attracting more prospects, converting more customers, and gaining greater intelligence about your most valuable marketing assets without having to get bogged down with technological issues. Instead let us help you turn your campaigns to cash.

Call us at 510-550-5347. Ask for Arturo or fill out the questionnaire below and he will contact you to set up a time for your free consultation.

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