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Arturo F Munoz is an expert business process designer and project manager. He specializes in transforming Marketing and Sales operation workflows into services that, in unifying disparate data sources into meaningful and actionable knowledge, establish the business' discipline in projecting the impact of Marketing on revenue for the complex Sales organization. He is also an entrepreneur, business management consultant and mentor.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteI have worked with Arturo on several automation and optimization programs and have always been impressed with his professionalism and work effort. Arturo is a solid team lead with an excellent mix of IT knowledge and marketing acumen.

The energy and leadership Arturo brings to a program enables the teams to perform at the highest caliber, meet stakeholder expectations, and realize benefits much sooner for each and every engagement.

Derek West, Director
Programs Management, Methods Standards and Tools


Process Designs That Place Your Customers Center Stage

The introduction of innovations that transform business relationships in any market circumstance is a crucial move that keeps your organization agile in a changing economy. But a move like this can also be destabilizing.

Projects involving innovation elicit anxiety and possible resistance in some teams. This is quite common in any effort aimed at transforming crucial work flows in the operation of Marketing and Sales. This anxiety puts your project's success at risk.

Eliminate your innovation anxiety risk. Bring success to your projects of innovation.

Here's how.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo has an incredible intellect for marketing and sales processes. He understands how to turn information from disparate sources into meaningful and more importantly actionable knowledge. He drives for perfection but can balance the needs of the organization with the budget constraints. He challenges you to become your best. We have worked with Arturo for many years and will be honored to continue working with him in the future.

Linda Tenenbaum, Director
Strategic Relationships and Business Development

Information Management International

Until sound and effective project management eradicates all suspicions about change and confronts the complexities of your operation's process redesign, you're quite likely to face colleagues in Marketing and Sales becoming entrenched, defensive of the status quo and protective of information silos.

It is project management and business process re-engineering focused on customer centricity that ends all such suspicions.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteI watched with admiration as Arturo somehow managed to pull together data sources from around the globe in a completely decentralized environment. He then correctly diagnosed the mysterious issues in the resulting picture of our customers. If you need someone to find and articulate the meaning in complex data, and help you leverage the resulting value, Arturo is your guy.

Kevin Strehlo, Director
Global Communications

Hitachi Data Systems

Come to rely therefore upon someone who can demolish barricades, demystify for the business the puzzle of working with IT, and concentrate your team energies on the customer, based on many years' experience busting information silos within large corporations and delivering process improvements and customer-centric business intelligence for Marketing and Sales stakeholders, with IT as their key collaborating resource.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteI worked on two CRM software integration projects that were both conceived and implemented by Arturo. He has a rare combination of skills, combining a deep understanding of technology with strategic thinking, political savvy and the ability to work with and motivate people. A visionary that turns dreams into reality.

Francois Retief
Coal Supply Management Consultant

Marston International

With a solid track record of completing complex CRM, marketing automation, content management, lead flow management and business intelligence projects on time, within budget, working closely with stakeholders and executives to implement the client's vision, you can count on Arturo to reach the toughest and trickiest of milestones, and open up doors for Sales and Channels to work more effectively with the Marketing organization.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo's strategic vision and tactical expertise brought order to chaos at Hitachi by creating and executing a data management plan that allowed us to maximize marketing efforts and ROI. Arturo created global consensus through expert team leadership and patient persistence. The result was an elegant and effective implementation that resulted in increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.

Charlie Wallace, Director
Global Channel Marketing

Hitachi Data Systems

Process Transformations That Transform Your Bottom Line

Using Arturo's experience in Sales and Marketing business process re-engineering, gained through more than a decade's worth of hands-on, full life-cycle software development, configuration, integration and deployment of third-party tools in concert with IT and third-party vendors, your organization can gain the following 3 advantages:

  1. Business Intelligence for your Marketing and Sales teams to...

    • Find out which customers make the most sense to market to
    • Get the right information to make the right decisions with
    • Learn what customers want most from you
    • Ground your planning on what customers say
    • Provide depth to your decision-making

  2. Revenue Growth via lead generation that...

    • Widens your profit margins
    • Gets you more sales and customer satisfaction
    • Produces higher quality results at affordable prices

  3. Decision-making Process Improvements that...

    • Are founded on reliable work flow redesigns
    • Align conflicting interests and minimize political friction
    • Enable you to make risk-mitigated technology investments
    • Unify the international operation and its view of your customers

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteWe all know that Marketing operations have to have technology - CRM, Marketing Automation, data mining, various Internet technologies. We're also aware of the gulf which exists far too often between the marketers and the technologists they count on - different temperaments and personalities, different priorities, different communication paradigms. It's so common that it is a cliché: 'Marketing and IT can't work together.'

Arturo is one of the very, very rare persons who breaks this mold and pulverizes the pieces. Arturo excels and transcends Marketing business functions. He is a brilliant strategist and technologist, and what makes Arturo a triple threat is his personal integrity, charm and sincerity. You couldn't ask for a more pleasant, honest and genuine person to perform some extremely difficult business miracles.

Bean Lucas
Senior Web Developer and Business Consultant

Genesys Laboratories

Proof You Can Depend Upon

  • Experienced with IT Engagements, Project and Program Management as consultant and employee, having charted and led diverse teams in-house and as outsourced resources under pressure to meet aggressive budgets and schedules to reduce cost and produce revenue.

  • Develops and executes project plans, issues logs, status reports, project roadmaps, communication plans, and financial reports to account for project investments.

  • Seasoned business process analyst and roadmap creator, skilled in requirements gathering, process mapping, modeling and evaluation, use case development, creation of functional specifications and management of business rules.

  • Experienced in working directly with sponsors as well as technical stakeholders in extremely sensitive initiatives across industries and cultures in enterprise and larger SMB organizations, using proposals, presentations, modern methods - mobile, blogs, social.

  • Account management experience and client interfacing, such as in securing and organizing a $725,000 customer data warehouse development project from Thomson Financials, a leading New York City financial media publisher, by drafting for HCL Technologies a detailed statement of work, defining the critical path, conducting gap analysis, facilitating client relations, and negotiating service pricing and contract signatures.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteDuring a recent Marketing Automation system evaluation, I was quite impressed by the business process designs that Arturo had developed. He demonstrated solid understanding of the demand generation business workflows leveraged by a direct and channel-driven workforce. I would highly recommend Arturo for any corporation looking to revamp their marketing and demand generation engines.

Hany Soliman
Business Solutions Executive


Project Lead for initiatives:

  • Configuration, integration and launch of various global demand generation and sales automation infrastructure solutions consisting of multiple campaign, lead flow, call center, partner management and performance reporting systems.

  • Creation of several customer data hubs, including a multi-sourced global customer data warehouse and data quality control infrastructure for a $20 billion hi-tech equipment manufacturer.

  • Creation of multiple data marts and configuration of business intelligence platforms.

Operations Director responsible for:

  • Managing process documentation, metadata, ERDs and process flow schemata.

  • System maintenance, interface updates, ETL scripts refinements and automation.

  • Deep data standardization and scrubbing processes optimization.

  • User training, requirements refinement and information silo elimination.

Business Process and Data Analysis delivering:

  • Conceptual data model (ERD) designs for operational data storage systems and star-schemas for data marts.

  • Meta and data governance standards and practices.

  • Business process modeling including data flows, KPI identification, simulation and financial modeling plus process improvement via automation and workflow optimization.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo is an amazingly precise working manager with a seldom combination of working in deep details while having a broad vision. His great dedication to processes not for process sake but for a more efficient workflow was instrumental to get a multinational solution in place with many stakeholders and different individual goals.

Axel Schultze, CEO
XeeMe Corporation

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Portfolio of Enterprise Programs and Projects

The following video illustrates the competence that Arturo commands in his area of expertise. Not only does it summarize the breadth of his experience in delivering mission-critical technology for Marketing and Sales, but it dramatically illustrates his creative resourcefulness.

From script to final montage the video is entirely Arturo's creation, and a sample of his ability to make the complex understandable. It speaks of an extensive reengineering project that he undertook and successfully completed. It targets the user-base audience who anticipated coming finally to rely on a unified, 360-degree view of their customer for the first time ever via the tools and processes that Arturo harnessed together.

(Later upon system decommissioning, Arturo adopted the program's title, Reach 4 Polaris, as the name for his own company.)

Arturo F Munoz Portfolio Click the image to the right to gain access to Arturo's Portfolio.

It is a select summary of corporate programs and projects in e-commerce, telecom, Software-as-a-Service, cloud computing, CRM, content management, business intelligence and master data management that Arturo advanced to completion at companies that needed expert online marketing and data-supported decision-making to create buzz for viral traffic through the Web and social media, plus inbound sales and content discovery.

*This video is used with permission. It contains no confidential information. All dashboard figures on display are for illustration purposes only.

I've had the pleasure of working with Arturo on a complex project that included the online integration of disparate systems from various companies.

Arturo showed exceptional strength as the leader, being tough when needed and helping the group work through difficult solutions to ensure that everything worked 'lights out' once the system went online - on schedule and on budget.

Carlos Dehmer

SyncCast-Technicolor Inc

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What You Get From Arturo That Nobody Else Can Match

A technology agnostic commitment to global Marketing and Sales process integrity that is efficient, effective yet elegant underscores Arturo's performance. He is no third-party vendor mercenary.

He surveys and assesses the total process, tools and techniques in use by the global operation to improve capacity, efficiency and yield, via a prioritized elimination of process disparities and redundancies, that simplify your system and transform your global processes into services that impact your customers, partners and employees for the better, without either having to reinvent the wheel, provoke instability for IT or undermine existing vendor relationships, by diplomatically eluding costly political wranglings.

This process improvement across your business units depends on insights and proficiency that he brings to the table, gained from many years of practical experience as a senior business manager, intrapreneur and business owner, working always from principle toward purpose.

The organizations best benefited by engaging Arturo's services are those seeking for change and innovation, ready to expose their business processes for redesign.

If you're part of senior management and have seen the handwriting on the wall for your company - an operation whose future depends on becoming more nimble, efficient and effective in the next 6 months through radical collaboration - then you need to give Arturo a call.

Don't wait until you've had to make adjustments that will affect your team's morale. If by then it does not revive, this will weigh heavily on your remaining ability to generate output. Rather, give Arturo a call today to discuss how to head off any potential crisis, especially in your Marketing or Sales departments through effective project management and business process re-engineering.

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteArturo is a highly innovative and articulate director of marketing science. He also works hard to cultivate the needed social-capital and trust in a network of stakeholders to unify it and unleash its fullest potential. I am inspired by his analytic creativity for producing useful insights from mass historic and real-time data. It has been a pleasure working with him; I strongly endorse Arturo.

Jeremy Chambers
Solution Architect


Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteSeveral times over the last decade, Arturo and I have designed and built Customer Relationship and Marketing Operations Management systems for some of the largest companies in the world. He has the ability to understand the lowest level of details yet stay focused on the big picture. He has a knack for bringing the best out of people by constantly challenging them with new ideas. Given another opportunity, without a doubt, I will work with or for Arturo again.

Naveen Sharma, Practice Principal
Data and Business Intelligence Delivery


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