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Arturo F Munoz's R4P Tip of The Week -- Got New? Here's What Makes Lead Nurturing Work
February 13, 2010

R4P Tip of The Week: Got News? Here's What Makes Lead Nurturing Work

Let's assume that your marketing and sales operations are in alignment. (Big assumption!) But assuming this will make easier our discussion on what makes lead nurturing not merely effective but feasible for you. And what is that?

In a word: Content.

Yeah, I know that you know that everyone knows that content is king. It's the mantra that keeps on giving...ulcers. The more you hear it, the more antacids you pop in.

You know why.

As usual, you ain't got enough content.

How can you possibly mature anyone along a lengthy and complex sales cycle without regularly giving out something genuinely new that helps each potential buyer progress further toward a purchase decision?

Huh? What's that you say? Repurpose your existing content?

Well, sleight of hand is pretty cool from magicians at birthday parties for 8 year-olds. But some adults don't miss a beat. And if they've read a white paper from you, it's very likely that they've understood your basic thesis well enough not to have to hear it again rehashed in Flash, podcast or webinar format. You want them to take the next step, not back away every time they hear from you.

So do you have something new to say? That's the existential question in lead nurturing.

It's a tough question to answer, which is why your friendly neighborhood product marketers often neither show up to your meetings nor return your phone calls when you're in the middle of revising that third version of marketing copy. After all, it's them who have heard the same storyline more than anybody else in their own heads for weeks!

Have mercy on them. Point them elsewhere. Go get the content at the real source.


Try the people that you're targeting. What are they saying they want? What are they willing to share with those like them who are at the same place in the buying cycle? Are you asking? Have you empowered them to tell you? What's your Content 2.0 strategy, friend? Do you have one?

Far more critical than aligning your marketing lead generation processes with your sales processes is to know what you'd do if this misalignment wasn't an excuse for not being able to nurture your cold respondents into hot leads with the use of relevant, fresh and instructional content.

Don't put the tool before the data. Get the content for each stage of the nurture cycle first. Then get the lead nurturing tool to deliver this content to the right people at the right time in the format that they prefer. That's what it takes to make lead nurturing work for you.


Arturo F Munoz

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