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Arturo F Munoz's R4P Tip of The Week -- Marketing Automation Silo Busting
February 06, 2010

R4P Tip of The Week: Marketing Automation Silo Busting

It seems at times that some corporate leaders in marketing tend to pursue after marketing automation projects more to gain an advantage over some other head of marketing at another division in the same corporation than to compete with marketers at another company. This behavior builds corporate fiefdoms.

These fiefdoms often get labeled by the banner that the troop of marketers flies above the equipment that they're using to gain an advantage over the other team of marketers across the corporation. Along one front you see the standards of Eloqua or Marketo or Market2Lead streaming in the air. Along the other front you see Aprimo or Neolane or Engage B2B.

The argument soon turns into which tool is better than the other rather than how can we combine efforts to drive marketing more effectively as a united corporation.

How can you bust this silo mentality and get people to stop turning against each other and toward the real competition outside the company?

Have the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) call a task force to define the key measures of performance for Marketing. Then simply hold all marketers to grow them, and not to redefine them. Make sure, therefore, that the CMO announces no tolerance for anyone coming up with a storyline that fails to match the overall performance expectations that these key measures alone will tell.

It won't matter then which tool set is used to deliver the metrics. Just have the same metrics delivered consistently from all quarters of the organization.

It is true that marketers tend to be highly creative individuals. So are engineers at an R&D department. They have to be highly innovative to produce exciting, useful products for others to sell and use. But both types of skill sets must perform. They must be held to a consistent performance standard.

There must be measures in place to track even nebulous concepts like brand, goodwill and mindshare. Pick the specific elements in the brand, goodwill or mindshare that must be tracked for changes, and start monitoring them for improvements.

Then hold everyone's feet to the fire by demanding for the same measures from everyone regardless of which tool they use to produce them.


Arturo F Munoz

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