Can A Marketing Database
Save Your Marketing Career?

Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteAnalyzing what you haven't got as well as what you have is a necessary ingredient of a career. -- Orison Swett Marden

A marketing database is the singular tool that can save your marketing career in a recession and pave your way to a promotion in good economic times.

But you're not a techie. The closest thing you have to a database is that spreadsheet you keep passing around everywhere. No good. If you're in a large B2B enterprise your decisions need solid grounding to register serious impact. That gives you the edge.Marketing Economic Downturn

Your marketing agency is looking up to you for direction. Management may speak vaguely about corporate strategy, but its result expectations of you are not academic.

Somebody must play the navigator and guide the corporate ship through seas of customer data. Why not let it be you? It can be done success-by-success even one campaign at a time. But not without a marketing system.

Crafting the business case, harnessing the resources and producing dramatic change in the organization through a marketing database initiative is a thrilling prospect for any adventurous, diligent and creative project manager imbued with diplomatic panache. You need not know technology per se to accomplish this.

You just need know how to exploit bravely an opportunity that involves befriending technologists, else you will most assuredly fail.


As a marketing process strategist, I've tried for several years to convey a vision to my clients of what a true marketing portal could look like – a single place where marketers scattered across a large, global enterprise would go to align their efforts around a unified view of their customers. I came up with a vision once which I called REACH 4 POLARIS (R4P). And it became my rallying cry with many of my clients.

Essentially, R4P is my experience in delivering customized marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the field of marketing databases and process automation.

This experience is here to show you, among other things, how to succeed in accomplishing what few marketers are able to achieve.

The Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems website will show you what it takes to bring data together to produce a unified view of your customers based on this experience.

Marketing Database Slip-ups to AvoidIt will show you how to build a rock-solid relationship with your MIS department on which to base the creation of a culture-changing database. This goes against the grain of what most marketing consultants say you should do.

But it is that partnership with your own IT organization which will give you the advantage without denying the use of third-party alternatives, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or other outsourced solutions. The question is "Do you know how to communicate with techies?" This site will show you how.

And once you have in hand the technology they offer you, a R4P vision will direct your navigation across seas of customer data. From there on things get easier.

Take it from me.

I'm not about theory. I'm all about how to get your hands dirty delivering marketing automation.

If you're a project or systems manager diving into or immersed already neck-deep inside the murky waters of marketing automation, this is the place for you.

For 15 years I've worked with Fortune 500 companies at the divisional and corporate levels delivering these mission-critical marketing systems.

Now I make available to you this expertise and the valuable insights that also make every one of my projects a resounding success.

Without a database for marketing your company is like a ship at night lost in a sea of outdated spreadsheets, disparate data files and disconnected lists, lists, lists!

Help turn it from the iceberg of ineffectiveness that can scuttle your organization. Make that database a north star, and REACH 4 POLARIS!

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