Marketing Process Automation
ROI Calculator

<p>Marketing Automation ROI Calculator</p>

How To Use This Calculator

  • The purpose of this calculator is to help you estimate the return from making an investment in a marketing operations automation system, whether on-premises, SaaS or hybrid.
  • The calculator will prompt you first for cost estimates. Total cost is split between labor, materials and opportunity forfeited for dedicating resources to the automation initiative.
  • Labor cost in particular is estimated based on the amount of effort it will take to complete the automation project.
  • The calculator proceeds to prompt for benefit estimates, and will use both costs and benefits to produce a final ROI estimate.
  • To use this calculator simply make your entries in the blue input fields. The final results will calculate automatically.
  Cost Estimate        
      F-T Employee F-T Consultant    
  What do you pay each resource per week? $    
  How much % yield do you expect from each personnel resource per week during the automation initiative? *      
  * Consultants may be expected to yield 100% of pay, while internal staff may yield less due to commitments to other projects.  
      Discovery and Scoping Planning and Design Development, Configuration, Integration Training and Deployment Maintenance and Fine-tuning    
  How many weeks will each project phase take to complete?      
  How many employees will you dedicate to each project phase?      
  How many consultants will you contract per project phase?      
  Estimated Overhead
(as % of Internal Personnel)
  Labor Cost    
  Opportunity Cost    
  Software Licensing $  
  Hardware Cost (if any) $  
  Total Cost    
  Benefit Estimate        
  How many employees are impacted by the current system?      
  What % of employee effort is dedicated to working under the current system?      
  What's the monetary value of current employee productivity? $    
  What's the current level of employee productivity without introducing a new system?      
  In migrating to a new system, what % of productivity improvement would you attribute to the new system?      
  Current employee productivity $  
  Ideal employee productivity $  
  Employee effort affected (in # of employees)    
  Productivity improvement, if employee is affected $  
  Productivity improvement attributed to new system $  
  Total Benefit $  
  Return On Investment        
  Your return on investment can be expressed in a variety of ways, by comparing benefits to costs as a ratio, marginal benefit as a percentage of cost or total benefits as a financial differential from total costs. Either way it should be possible to discern below in a basic way whether the impact of your investment might be substantial enough to justify making the commitment toward marketing automation.      
  Benefit-to-Cost Ratio      
  Net Benefit as a % of Cost      
  Benefit-to-Cost Differential      

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