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Arturo F Munoz Open QuoteEffective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).

-- Mac McIntosh

B2B Marketing covers many topics. Here are the ones you will find discussed in this web site. If you wish to see other topics discussed, please leave your suggestions at the foot of the page.

Marketing Planning

Consulting Internet Marketing Services Software

Marketing Planning Doomed. And It's Only 9:30 AM
Marketing planning without metrics is a recipe for disaster. Do you know why? Can you avoid it? Here's how.

Sample Marketing Plan, Why Adopt One When There's Something Better?
Why bother with a sample marketing plan? Get more. Get it here. Get it now!

The Marketing Automation Process Strategist Blog
This blog is a how-to, hands-on marketing operations help center on marketing automation, operations and CRM topics.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Workflow Automation Aztec Style
Do you want to integrate the marketing operation? At the heart of it lies marketing workflow automation. Cut into it.

B2B SaaS for Marketing Process Outsourcing. Does It Fit Your Work Style?
SaaS solutions come in many sizes. But if marketing process outsourcing is your goal, will one of them fit your B2B work style?

Avoiding The SaaS Integration Straight Jacket
SaaS integration is a topic neither SaaS subscribers nor SaaS service providers spend much time discussing before signing the subscription contract. Should you?

Marketing Workflow Simulation. Mimic Reality Or Give Up On Integrated Marketing
How can Marketing and IT come together on process automation? Use marketing workflow simulation.

Pilot A Marketing Business Process Without Crashing And Burning
When it comes to getting practical about a database-driven pilot for a marketing operation, make sure of who hears your mayday call.

Where Will SaaS Data Quality Control Come From?
Standardizing marketing operations using a hosted solution takes more than just selecting a pretty front-end. Find out what else you need.

Data Quality Objectives For Data Quality Providers In The Cloud
Data quality objectives for data quality service providers differ from that of their clients. How can they see eye to eye?

How To Fight The Dragon On Your Quest For Data Remediation
Data quality remediation is a quest to wrench data quality improvement from a dragon's grip. What is this dragon?

SaaS Adoption Means Fumigating The Marketing Organization
In practice, the automation of marketing using hosted SaaS applications involves combating resistance to change. Do you know how to do it?

Dealing With SaaS Integration In Marketing and Sales Automation
Running a SaaS integration project is not what you subscribed to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for. But are you ready to face up to it any way?

One-to-One Marketing Using SaaS. How To Make The Most Of It
One-to-one marketing presents some particular challenges that a SaaS solution may be able to resolve. Or may be not. Find out.

What's The Trade-Off In Standardizing Marketing Operations Using SaaS?
SaaS based operations without data quality control are not long sustained. Where can you expect help to arrive from?

Keep SaaS Data Quality From Sinking Your Marketing Automation Solution
Is SaaS data quality control your job or your SaaS vendor's responsibility. Either way you're sunk if you don't figure it out right.

How Deploying A SaaS During A Recession Might Send You To The Morgue
SaaS is cheap to deploy. We're in a recession. What could be simpler? Find out the simple truth.

Campaign Management & Segmentation

Kill Your B2B Campaign In A Hurry! Just Leave Those Logistics Behind
When B2B campaign management is in your sights, learn how logistics can keep you from a rout.

How To Produce Reliable Email Marketing Lists
Email marketing lists are more than the result of querying a database. They're given birth in a more profound way. Here's how.

B2B Marketing Campaign Management In 5 Steps
Here are 5 marketing questions that define a methodology for B2B marketing campaign management

B2B Marketing Database, Target the right audience for awesome ROI
The thrill of the hunt is to get at the right target audience. But how can you guarantee that it will be profitable?

How to Avoid The Unprofitable Target Audience
Don't have a marketing database? Stop being lost in a sea of customer data. Put marketing strategy in action. Get a vision first here.

For Customer Marketing, Mince Your Contacts Into Bite Size Segments
What is the secret ingredient in creating segments to target when crafting your customer marketing strategy?

Your Target Audience Woven Into A Tapestry Of Behavior
The thrill of the hunt is to get at the right target audience. But how can you guarantee that it will be profitable?

How To Avoid The Unprofitable Target Audience
Interlace your marketing decisions according to your target audience's behavior pattern and you will exploit your market!

Poor Lead Management? It Can End In Decapitation
Why is a marketing database able to save a CMO from decapitation?

The Marketing Agency And Its Impact On A Client's Marketing Database Project
One technique can help your marketing agency minimize the risk of campaign failure. What is it?

Marketing ROI

Worrying About Marketing Performance Metrics?
Marketing performance metrics matter. But are you worrying about things you can't control or focusing on the raw material that metrics are made out of?

Marketing Process ROI: Show Me The Money
Rushing into marketing process automation for a low SaaS rental fee seems prudent. What crucial insight must you remember while estimating your SaaS ROI?

How To Measure Marketing Value To Harmonize The Business With The Customer
The measure of marketing value lies in bringing the business and the customer into alignment. What do those metrics look like?

B2B Marketing Promotion Breakeven Calculator
This calculator will estimate how your promotion will breakeven. Try it free.

Marketing Process Automation ROI Calculator
Calculate marketing process automation ROI with this simple to use calculator.

Marketing Database

Is Building A Marketing Database Worth Losing Your Job?
A little known secret is that those who control the marketing database control the future of the marketing operations. They win. Will you?

By Their Customer Database Ye Shall Know Them
When is it time to build a customer database? Find out before your customers walk out on you.

Why A Marketing Database Fails To Support Marketing Needs
There's more to a marketing database than the obvious. In fact, it involves plumbing.

A Marketing Database for Customer PINs, Pings and Personalization?
Customer acquisition without personalization is like a fish hook without a bait. How can a marketing database help?

Blueprint To A Customer Database Cathedral
You wouldn't build a cathedral without a blueprint, right? Why do the same with a customer database?

Roaches In Your Customer Database System
Marketing often chases after a customer database to stuff it with an assortment of goodies. But it's customers you're stuffing into it. What are you stuffing them into?

Dirty Customer Data. How To Fix It
It's no laughing matter in B2B marketing to deal with dirty customer data, especially when it impacts your relationship with customers. So fix it.

Avoid The Customer Database Road To Martyrdom. Stand For What's Really True
Establishing what is true or false inside a customer database determines who calls the shots about the company's customers and who gets fed to the lions. Whose hungry?

Creating A B2B Marketing Database In 10 Steps - Step 1
Creating a B2B marketing database is a complex project you can do in 10 steps. Come learn the essentials step by step.

Creating A B2B Marketing Database In 10 Steps - Step 2
Creating a B2B marketing database is a complex project you can do in 10 steps. Here is how you can deliver the goods one step at a time.

Creating A B2B Marketing Database In 10 Steps - Step 3
Creating a B2B marketing database is a complex project you can do in 10 steps. Here are the resources you need to get the work done.

Creating A B2B Marketing Database In 10 Steps - Step 4
Creating a B2B marketing database is a complex project you can do in 10 steps. Learn here how to avoid a major slip-up.

Creating a B2B Marketing Database: 10 Slip-Ups to Avoid
Do you have in mind creating a B2B marketing database? Do you know what slip-ups to avoid? Then you can't afford not to read this free e-book.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations Governance. Knowing your department's political layout
If you're after a marketing database but don't know how marketing operations governance dictates its future, then you're in for a treat!

Building A Marketing Operation Flexible Enough For A Recession
Your marketing operation cannot afford a recession and a panic response from you to freeze it in place. How can you remain nimble and thrive?

Why Marketing In A Recession Requires A Marketing IT Process Strategy
Marketing in a recession will force radical change upon your operation. What single point of focus could make or break you?

The Social Media For Marketing Bandwagon. Climb On Board?
Does it look like social media is mainstream for marketers? Are you afraid to miss out on it?

Why The Sales Rep Says Get Off My Back
The sales rep knows you've launched a spanking new CRM system. Why does he refuse to use it?

The Key To Recession Marketing Success Beyond The Moment
Recession marketing is top of mind today. But is today all there is? What saves you now while it profits you tomorrow?

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