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Do you want to brag about having an intelligent marketing operation or is it that you simply want to get the right info to make the right decisions with? May be you want to learn what customers want from you most, before you spend millions trying to convince them to buy from you.

Are you trying to squeeze the last drop of value out of your existing marketing technology investment to bring information into sharp focus through attention to detail?

If you want to come to count on meaningful information to run your business with, if you want to avoid getting victimized by analysis paralysis, if you want to base your planning on what customers say, then don't get behind the times when it comes to marketing.

Find out which customers make the most sense to market to and be always in the know of how your complex marketing organization spends money pursuing after them.

Never risk having to throw good money after bad projects. Never fail to know who the right audience to target for a promo is. In short, find out who the hidden gems in your information are.

Come to rely on an understandable and presentable explanation of your marketing operation and get guidance on how to use the data that you already have in hand by talking to me.

What Arturo F Munoz Can Do For You

I can help you come to rely on information that has depth, to gain the support of colleagues that seldom back up your marketing organization. I can help you harness the collective knowledge in your team. I do this by optimizing your marketing operation from the ground up.

Marketing operations optimization avoids marketing budget black holes. You get respect from Finance! It exploits teamwork to produce the most results with the least resources, concentrating the work effort worldwide.

That means that you come to depend on a focused and dedicated workforce once and for all. You get respect from Upper Management! You come to depend on fresh marketing ideas, because your team will be able to make the best decisions based on the most complete information. We're talking affordable high quality information to get your time and money's worth.

With my help you can get the most out of your data. I'm able to harmonize conflicting organizational interests through a common backbone to manage effectively your demand gen workflow. You get respect from IT!

And I can help you accomplish this to make more profit, because the point is to ensure that your business is operating to satisfy your customers. You get more sales and more customer satisfaction when you execute demand gen that works. You finally get respect from Sales!!

With me in your team you gain an evangelist that persuades the workforce to follow a common vision to achieve agility to make fact-based decisions and to establish a sustainable marketing operation. You can discard unachievable visions to establish a strong foundation for marketing and secure a friendly work place where timely, high quality work won't be uncommon.

If you want someone who will make sure that results are not disconnected from a vision, who will strive to diminish the risk of personnel conflicts in sensitive projects, who remains flexible in problem-solving and can procure internal credibility with Sales, Finance and IT for your marketing organization ̶ if you want to count on someone whose work is of lasting significance by minimizing political friction when aligning conflicting interests ̶ then you've got to contact me below.

Who Is Arturo F Munoz?

Like a modern day Christopher Columbus, I navigate with companies lost in a sea of customer data to chart their business processes and design the basic instruments that unify a view of their customers.
Arturo F Munoz
I focus on leading the task of gathering torrents of disparate data scattered throughout global organizations to offer the business a compass to market, sell to, and service the client base more intelligently – also, faster, cheaper and right.

This solidifies your relationship between Marketing, Finance, Sales and IT, and keeps the marketing executive from scrambling because of a lack of comprehensive reporting and accountability about the use and performance of marketing resources; thereby, enabling an effective alignment of marketing tactics to the overall business strategy.

How have I learned to do all this? By working in B2B hi-tech marketing operations for 15 years.

I've served as Director of Global Database Marketing at Hitachi Data Systems, Director of Customer Knowledge Management at Lucent Technologies, and in senior database marketing positions at Alcatel, Sybase, and Oracle Corp, having also served as a marketing process and international trade consultant.

Graduate and undergraduate degrees in international managerial and financial economics from the Claremont Graduate University and the University of California, Santa Cruz, complement my experience, and I'm currently working on a Professional Project Management (PMP) certification from Stanford University.

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The proof is in the pudding!

“I watched with admiration as Arturo somehow managed to pull together data sources from around the globe in a completely decentralized environment. He then correctly diagnosed the mysterious issues in the resulting picture of our customers. If you need someone to find and articulate the meaning in complex data, and help you leverage the resulting value, Arturo is your guy.”
-- Kevin Strehlo, Director of Communications, Hitachi Data Systems

“Arturo is a highly innovative and articulate director of marketing science. He also works hard to cultivate the needed social-capital and trust in a network of stakeholders to unify it and unleash its fullest potential. I am inspired by his analytic creativity for producing useful insights from mass historic and real-time data. It has been a pleasure working with him; I strongly endorse Arturo.”
--Jeremy Chambers, Principal, XcelAgent Software Consulting, Inc.

“Arturo is an amazingly precise working manager with a seldom combination of working in deep details while having a broad vision. His great dedication to processes not for process sake but for more efficient workflow was instrumental to get a multinational solution in place with many stakeholders and different individual goals.”
-- Axel Schultze, CEO, Xeequa Corporation

“While at Epiphany, I worked with some of the best database marketing people in the world from Microsoft, American Airlines, AAA, and others but Arturo stood out. He combined the business savvy and the necessary technical knowledge better than any of them. He almost single-handedly made the project at Lucent a major success. I would love to work with him again if the opportunity arose.”
-- Dan Steinman, VP, Customer Relations, NearbyNow Inc.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Arturo on a complex project that included the online integration of disparate systems from various companies. Arturo showed exceptional strength as the leader, being tough when needed and helping the group work through difficult solutions to ensure that everything worked ‘lights out’ once the system went online -- on schedule and on budget.”
-- Carlos Dehmer, President, Brigali

“Arturo was and still is a true database visionary. Whether it's visualizing architecture that has not yet been created, orchestrating, designing the architecture down to individually reviewing each byte of data integrity - Arturo does it all. He is also a great manager and mentor.”
-- Irene Slavens, Director of Program Planning & Development, Salick
Recession Marketing

Go ahead. Drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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