• Are all eyes on you to get results online, but you don't know where to start?

  • Are you totally out of your depth with all the new marketing technology?

  • Are you supposed to have all the answers about social media, inbound marketing, marketing automation, but you find it riskier to give directions?

  • Do you feel so far behind technologically you're not sure how to catch up?

  • Have you got to start seeing results fast or else?
hot seat internet marketing consulting

If you're like most marketers, then you're tired of the hot seat. You're tired of having to deliver, while lacking the knowledge or bandwidth to integrate newer technology into your marketing mix.

You'd like to dig into your customer relationships and make sure that your key messages truly reach your prospect's ears no matter what media you use.

But for this you'll need better ways for Marketing and Sales to work together throughout the entire sales process, right?

It's by looking for an easier way that you'll be able to…

  • Execute activities that validate your marketing course of action
  • Enlist champions
  • Obtain funding
  • Solidify projects
  • Communicate progress
  • Prove a return on your investment
This is what guarantees the success of your marketing operation and you probably believe that new technology can afford you this success.

But at what price?

You pay with geeky headaches.

Where Did My Marketing Job Go?

Let's face it. You're a marketer not a technologist. Technology is going to give you headaches, if you spend too much time trying to understand it for its own sake. And technology will suck you right into a vortex, if you let it. This is where Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems comes to the rescue.

where's my internet marketing services Executive Director Arturo F. Munoz works with lead generators who are completely overwhelmed with new technology and want an expert to handle the "geeky headaches" so they can get back to creating brilliant campaigns that bring in cash.

Arturo is known as a modern day Christopher Columbus. As an entrepreneur, business management consultant, strategist and mentor, he helps companies and individuals navigate through their sea of information to:

  • Chart innovative business objectives
  • Formulate an unbroken string of work processes
  • Optimize use of resources
  • Design basic instruments to unify visions of the future, starting with your marketing
Above all, he uncovers your hidden marketing assets and orchestrates them into a collaborative system that fires off in sequence to produce consistently and predictably for you much greater results without you having to pay much more for this improvement.

This is optimal leveraging of all you have.

Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems refers to it as "unleashing the unused energy hidden within your currently spinning marketing flywheel." Let it rip, if you learn how!

What You Gain Dealing With Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems

By engaging the services of Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems you recover your marketing job, if technology has taken it hostage the moment you got involved in launching complex marketing systems. Arturo makes technology invisible and marketing results visible for you.

    internet marketing consultant customer love
  • Reinvigorate your team to focus on customers not methods, and thus produce more valuable leads.
  • Gain the ability to produce end-to-end reporting for all demand generation activities, because of the elimination of bloated internal fiefdoms within your company that hoard information and continuously collide with one another.
  • Come to rely on the eradication of all guesswork in targeting opportunities in the market.
  • Tie Marketing to revenue generation.
  • Elevate your marketing's salesmanship credibility with Sales in larger organizations.

Who Benefits Most From Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems?

Those who reap the most from Arturo's involvement are mid-size companies with distributed marketing and sales teams under one shared leadership, who does not feel that since the company's older tools worked in the past, it is fine to continue doing the same old thing for different results.

In the same way, their marketers do not play to the lowest common denominator but constantly aim to focus intently on the particularities of their target markets, while their sales reps concentrate on developing on-going trust with customers. No spray and pray. No set it and forget it.

In other words, principled risk-takers on a tenaciously continuous improvement trajectory, willing to innovate and collaborate in teambuilding with the assistance of a marketing business process expert get the best results from Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems services. They get simplified technology plus campaigns that produce cash.

Arturo F Munoz Open Quote...I worked with some of the best database marketing people in the world from Microsoft, American Airlines, AAA, and others but Arturo stood out. He combined the business savvy and the necessary technical knowledge better than any of them. He almost single-handedly made the project a major success. I would love to work with him again if the opportunity arose.

Dan Steinman, Vicepresident
Customer Success


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